The genius of Chairman Kato is that he has been able to find an uniquely down-to-earth and vividly expressive language in which to communicate the essence of the often abstruse worlds of meditation and art appreciation. Where meditation and art can sometimes be pretentious, Kato is honest, free-spirited and straightforward. Where notions of “self” or “culture” can sometimes be overly esoteric, Kato is mischievously irreverent, plain-spoken and sincere. I see Kato’s work as revolutionary in the best sense of the term: he is making vitally important material available to a large audience - by doing nothing more complicated than simply - and playfully - being himself.
— Shomit Mitter, hypnotherapist, author and film maker.

Dr. Kato Wong is an artist and coach. As a former Accident and Emergency doctor, he knows a thing or two about working long hours in stressful environments and balancing life's demands. He teaches people from all backgrounds, helping them tackle all areas of wellbeing, from anxiety and stress through to relationship and career issues. His uniquely practical and integrated approach makes him a sought after teacher for those looking to negotiate the everyday with more clarity and purpose. 

Kato left medicine in January 2014 to pursue a career in the arts and underwent training in meditation. He underwent an intensive, traditional Zen-style teaching which involved very rigorous and unconventional methods. Meditation and mindfulness is all about the power of the mind. He now brings this to his own work as a self-employed artist and in his coaching, helping people focus their minds in service of whatever their goals are in life.

His online ebook 'The Art of Career Suicide' tells the story of how and why he made the leap and what anyone can learn from his journey. It continues to be downloaded across the world.

Under the name Chairman Kato, Kato works across painting, photography, music, radio, film, performance and installation art.

Kato was born and raised in Birmingham to Irish and Chinese parents. He now lives and works in east London.