"Chairman Kato brings a simplicity and practicality to the art of meditation which cuts through the 'woo woo'. Working with Kato has been a pleasure with the right balance of challenge and support. As someone who has been aware of meditation for many years but never really 'got it' our sessions have brought a new depth of meaning and understanding - 'Silent Mother F****ng Witness!!!'"

- Shanil Mantri, Doctor and Entrepreneur.

"I wanted someone to challenge my team to think differently about their work and encourage them to embrace and develop their creativity. Kato delivered a great session for us combining his unique world view and experience alongside creativity exercises and meditation.  My team did not know what to expect but were surprised and delighted by the session.

Successful businesses understand that success in all its forms is linked to knowledge and creativity. Your staff are your most valuable and expensive asset so investing in developing their creative muscle makes sense. Kato can help you bring the best out of your people through his innovative, intelligent and occasionally surprising approaches."

- Simon Cane, Director, UCL Public and Cultural Engagement.

"If you want to harness your potential, realise success and avoid the pitfalls in life you need mindfulness.  Kato Wong takes the fluffy, daunting subject of meditation and mindfulness and instantly makes it practical and accessible.  No nonsense help and insight."

- John Quilter, TV Chef and CCO of Cru Kafe.

"Coming from a healthcare background, I was reassured by Kato's medical past - it meant that I trusted his judgment in navigating the new territories of creativity and the power of meditation. He combines open-mindedness with an analytical, no-nonsense approach and deftly shakes up your thinking with his combination of coaching, questioning, and sharing his own inspiring story."

- Elizabeth Slade, Charity COO.

"Kato has triggered my recovery from nearly a decade of writer’s block. I sincerely believed I wouldn’t really write again. Kato inspires me, reassures and motivates me. His own prolific and diverse work ethic resonates with me on a daily basis. If only I had met him ten years earlier."

- Abi Bailey, Musician.

"Kato's creativity workshop is downright awesome. He's developed a highly effective, simple and clear method of unlocking creativity. It definitely worked for me and has totally set me free! I often refer back to the method when I'm feeling stuck too. Amazing value for money."

- Marigold Palmer-Jones, Teacher.

"Working with Kato was a coaching experience that I can only describe as exhilarating. After originally joining him for a stroll soon became a journey of discovery and creativity. Through sharing his leadership, wisdom and his poetry, Kato has landed me in different place than from where I started strolling."

- James McMenamin, Photographer.

“Kato’s creativity workshop opened my mind to what was actually IN my mind. What was hiding underneath all those every day worries. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to realise their full creative potential”

- Andy Donohoe, Photographer.

"It is ok to be sad sometimes, it is ok to be stressed out, but when you connect through meditation to a different awareness and wisdom life becomes more joyful. As an Astrophysicist I see this as pure Science. And I owe this knowledge to Kato. Thanks for appearing in my life!"

- Maryam Violet, CEO, Zanan TV and Training Centre

"Kato is a talented, articulate and intelligent artist, curator and mentor. He has a deep understanding of how the creative process works and how to help tap into ones own potential. What makes Kato particularly special though is his sensitivity and his natural and intuitive ability to work through creative blocks. A rare talent and lovely with it."

- Naomi Avsec, Artist.