Meditation and Mindfulness Teaching.

Meditation and mindfulness are common place but still a mystery to most. Many people in the west are looking for greater balance, inner calm and clarity but there are still misconceptions about the technique and its application in daily life.

Kato underwent an intensive meditation training without ever going on a retreat or leaving London. He specialises in demystifying meditation, stripping it down to its essentials and demonstrating its integration into daily life immediately. By teaching it as a science of the mind he makes learning simple direct and clear for anyone wanting to experience the benefits of the techniques originating from the east. This is unpretentious, no-nonsense teaching for the 21st century.

Chairman Kato brings a simplicity and practicality to the art of meditation which cuts through the ‘woo woo’....As someone who has been aware of meditation for many years but never really ‘got it’ our sessions have brought a new depth of meaning and understanding.
— Shanil Mantri, doctor and entrepreneur.