Creativity Coaching: Unblocking Your Inner Artist.

Kato specialises in helping others unblock their creativity. He is passionate about spreading the message that we are all artists; that the same creative potential lies within all of us and it's just a case of tapping that potential. He has even taken his message onto the streets and helped homeless people unblock their artistry.

It doesn't matter what you want to make or who you are. If you want to create Kato will unblock you. Many of his clients were skeptical at first but are now fully fledged artists, making work they never could have imagined. There are no limitations on what you can make or are capable of.

“Kato is a talented, articulate and intelligent artist, curator and mentor. He has a deep understanding of how the creative process works and how to help tap into ones own potential. What makes Kato particularly special though is his sensitivity and his natural and intuitive ability to work through creative blocks. A rare talent and lovely with it.”
— Naomi Avsec, Artist.